Invest in your family’s comfort & happiness—
and design a home that supports your best life
Without getting sucked into the stereotypical chaos and stress
that can come with a renovation project.

(Yeah, we’re not about those kinds of projects.)

Our family-owned-and-operated full-service design, construction,
and remodeling company makes your sanity our top priority.


  • You love your home, but most days you find something bothering you … and you know it’s holding you back from truly enjoying the time you spend in your space. 

  • Your home—whether it’s your primary residence or a second retreat—is aging. Its features are dated (or worse: failing), and your precious time is spent compensating for its shortcomings. 

  • You’re sick of complaining about those pesky projects you’ve been meaning to address for some time now … you’re reaching the end of your rope, & you’re ready to finally do something about it. 

  • You believe in making decisions that stand the test of time—whether it’s style, quality, or something else, you know you’re investing in a choice that holds up.  

  • Your space is limited, and your stuff … isn’t. Toddlers have toys, bakers have mixers & sheet pans, and the skincare enthusiast has 10 to 10,000 products—whatever the contents of your collections, you need places to stow everything neatly. 

  • The look of your home just doesn’t fit your aesthetic—but you don’t know where or how to start fixing it. 
A white-glove remodel is the perfect solution.

phase 1
Vision & Space Planning

First, we assess the function and purpose of the room based on how you use it and how you want the completed space to feel.

phase 2
Style, Design & Sourcing

Next, we create a design & installation plan that addresses the pain points of the space and makes it more enjoyable and functional for you to spend time in it—plus we purchase, track, receive, inspect, and manage the hundreds (and we do mean hundreds) of items involved in your project.

phase 3
Low-Stress Construction

Then, our team executes your project with the same level of care we’d apply in our own homes—preserving the sanctity of your space and your sanity along the way.

When you work with Premier Remodel & Design on your home renovation, you get:

  • Complimentary Phone Consultation – Tell us a little more about you and the vision for your space, then we’ll discuss your timeline and give you ballpark pricing. 

  • In-Home Site Visit – Before signing our contracts, we’ll walk the space with you. This includes an inspection of the job site with a licensed contractor, an interior designer, and an architect, if necessary. 

  • Design Presentation & Permitting – After a full site measure, our architect will work on your building plans while the designer develops your color palette and vision board for each commissioned room. You’ll receive two to three options per finish, fixture, & furnishing. Drawings and renderings will be created and filed on your behalf for the permitting process.

  • Budget Approval & Procurement – After a virtual walkthrough of your plans, we’ll review your budget and make final tweaks. As each item is received, they are fully inspected for quality & defects. Our item tracking system provides full transparency on the status of each piece. 

  • White Glove Construction, Installation, & Styling – Before starting construction, we set up the necessary equipment and take steps to ensure your home is protected. At this stage, we pair efficiency with attention to detail to make sure you get the best experience during AND after your project. After we are done with construction, we clean the project site thoroughly so that you won’t have to. Your home is then fully styled for the big reveal.

What Our Happy Clients Say 
About Us

They are dependable, conscientious, communicative, friendly, tidy, and very capable.
I almost hate to give too great a review because there are so many other things I would like to do around here, and I’m afraid they will become too popular and unavailable!

Aleks P.

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