we have a best friend mentality

Treating every project like we’re going to be invited back for years to come.

Not only do we love the design & construction work we get to do
on every remodeling project, we genuinely enjoy working with our clients
to create
homes they love that beautifully serve their lives.

We believe your home should be your haven.

That’s why we do this work: it breaks our home-reno-loving hearts
when we hear the words, “I hate my __________.” 

Cramped kitchens, dated bathrooms, ineffective floor plans—they can all be fixed. 

But those memories you make in your spaces, the feeling of cozying up on your couch with your kids, or the way sipping a glass of wine at your dinner table with friends makes you feel … those moments are fleeting

Now more than ever, how you feel at home matters. Your home should foster that happiness—not prevent it.

Here’s how we make that happen: first, we assess the function and purpose of the space based on how you use it and how you want the completed space to feel. Next, we formulate a design & construction plan that addresses the pain points of the space and makes it more enjoyable for the people who spend time in it. Last, our team of trustworthy, family-oriented vendors executes your project with the same level of care we’d apply in our own homes—preserving the sanctity of your space and your sanity along the way. 


Gemma & Nick Scurich | FOUNDERS

For us, working together means living life together.

We’re a husband-and-wife-team that believes in a stress-free remodel—ok, so “stress-free remodels” may not really exist, but we sure aim to create that vibe. We manage the planning, timeline, communication, and details so you don’t have to, and we do it all with a “best friend mentality”—treating every project as if it were in our own home, or our best friends’ (whose space we’d plan to enjoy alongside them for years to come). 

We emphasize making quality investments in long-lasting designs while executing every bit of construction & installation with meticulous attention to detail. Nick is a licensed contractor who personally supervises all of our projects, while Gemma leans into her interior design education to “hygge the heck out of your home” and calm the chaos of outdated and inefficient spaces.

We live in Santa Cruz, with our daughter, Ella, our English Bulldog, Willian (named for our favorite footballer), and our five fish … Ella, Ella, Ella, Ella, & Ella. Can you guess who named them?! 

When we’re not working on our latest remodeling projects, you can find us traveling the world looking for new design and architecture inspo, watching soccer (Go Chelsea!), playing in the water (river, pool, beach, you name it), having impromptu socks-on home dance parties or enjoying  dinner with our family and friends. 

We believe in doing right by people (and spaces) no matter what.

After all, friends don’t let friends live with dysfunctional floorplans 

^^ That’s exactly how that phrase goes, btw.

Whether it’s your whole home or a single-room project, a full-service renovation
or a simple space plan, we work with you to create a beautiful and functional space you love

Most of our design & construction projects take place along the coast of central California, with our teams performing full-service remodeling, construction, & interior design projects—but our virtual design services go beyond miles & time zones, drawing on local contractors and your DIY skills to bring the plan to life.

Sound like a good match?


We said we’d live with the disgusting 1970s bathrooms in our vacation home for a year—but when we discovered a leak had done major damage, I was ecstatic to start the renovation early.

There were two huge things that were important to us—
because we were remote, we wanted a full-service team we could trust
to project manage everything when we couldn’t be on site at the drop of a hat,
and second, even though I knew what we wanted, I didn’t have the bandwidth to make all the design selections—so Gemma & Nick were the perfect choice for our project.

Gina | Happy Client in Aptos

Full-Service Remodeling | Nick will lead our team through every phase of construction … then Gemma will guide you through the finishing touches.

Virtual Design Services & Space Planning | Partner with Gemma to bring professional expertise to your next project—whether we source everything for you, or you shop for your pieces.