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3 easy steps to make your home better in every way

Residential Interior Design

1. Get In Touch

Fill out our form and send us pictures of your current space and what you have in mind for it. We'll get back to you with a phone consultation where we get to know more about you, your project, your vision, and then schedule an in-home consulation.

2. We Get To Work

During the in-home consultation, we'll discuss the vision you have for your project in depth. Gemma will design your room or home in a way that is tailored specifically for you and your lifestyle. We will also over over project expectations, timeline and then get to work.

3. Love Your New Home

The home that you've always wanted is finally complete and it's better than you could have imagined. Join us in a final walkthrough where we make sure everything is perfect. Then, get ready to celebrate and enjoy your new space with friends and family.

Get guidance in making interior design choices you will be happy with for years to come.

When you have your home designed by a professional, you are not just making your space look amazing.

Contrary to popular belief, hiring an interior designer actually helps you save money. You won’t have to break your budget on things that don’t belong there, or worry about what looks good where. Trying to find the right product is a hassle, and you end up spending more on an end result that’s not what you had in mind.

Our interior design service is part of the whole package when you choose Premier Remodel as your home remodeling company, however, we also offer interior design services a la carte.

We help you stay on budget, keep your vision in the forefront of our minds, and leave you with a home that is perfect in every way.

Interior Design Renovations and Additions


Interior Design Services & Pricing

We are completely transparent with all of our pricing. We pass along our wholesale pricing in order to get you the best design at the best pricing. Often times, the savings you receive far outweigh what you will pay in design fees.

Interior Design


Catered to those who only need a designer to gut check their choices and help make the final call, complete a color palette or suggest unique items for your home.

interior design

virtual design

Catered to those who want a full design guide and rendering to work from, and are willing to order & install their own furnishings from there.

Bathroom Remodeling

interior decorating

Catered to those who do not require construction, but want to redesign a space with beautiful furnishings and decor. Ordering & installation optional.

White Kitchen w: Crystal Pendants - Interior Design

full service

Catered to those who want everything done for them, from concept to installation. These projects may include layout changes and construction.


So we can best meet your needs and let you know what service may be right for you you can either click here to schedule a quick chat or submit your project below.