Mastering the Art of Layering Lights with Your Interior Designer

Interior Lighting Overview


Creating the perfect interior lighting design is no mean feat. You can’t just ‘wing it’! Good interior lighting is achieved through a thoughtful, creative approach. If you feel the need to change your space, you should involve an interior designer. Layering different types of lighting fixtures, colors, frequencies, and positions helps create beautiful and functional spaces. Get it right, and your home will be a haven! The wrong lighting can change the energy and ambiance of your home. So why not give your interior designer a call and let them show you how they can help layer the perfect interior lightscape?

With interior lighting, more is better. To craft a functional and visually appealing space, you’ll need to layer different fixtures to create flattering shadows and an atmospheric mood. Your interior designer can help you choose the proper lighting for your abode, from ambient (general) lighting to softer washes, sconces, and task lights. After all, they did go to interior design school! Always remember that interior lighting doesn’t just affect how it looks – it also affects how we experience a room and its activities. But above all, remember that layering is essential for interior lighting.

When interior lighting is done right, it can be the crown jewel of a room. But coming up with layered illumination that strikes the perfect balance between beauty and function takes careful consideration. An interior designer can consider your lifestyle and needs to ensure you find the best setup. He or she will then layer different fixtures strategically throughout your space so you get the atmosphere and illumination you desire.


You can schedule a call with Premier Remodel’s interior designer today begin crafting your stunningly lit home!


If you are more of a DIY type of person, follow these steps below:

Start With Ambient Lighting: 

Ambient lighting provides overall illumination for the entire space. It should be your first consideration when planning your layered lighting design. This type of lighting typically comes from overhead fixtures such as chandeliers or recessed cans.

Add Task Lighting: 

Task lighting helps you complete specific tasks by providing focused illumination that can be adjusted based on need. Pendant or track lights are great options for task lighting. They provide flexibility and can be easily moved around if necessary.

Include Accent Lighting: 

Accent lighting adds depth and interest to a space by drawing attention to certain features or focal points (e.g., artwork). Spotlights, picture lights, and wall-mounted sconces are all excellent options for accent lighting.

Balance Natural Light with Artificial Light: 

Natural light is crucial in creating a layered look, but it should be balanced with artificial light. Then, your rooms appear brighter during the day when natural light is unavailable. Consider using window treatments to help regulate the amount of natural light coming into a space. You will have more control over your lighting layers throughout the day/night cycle.

Layer Lights Based On Their Functionality: 

When layering lighting in your home, it’s vital to think about their functionality. Ambient light provides overall illumination. In contrast, task and accent lighting offer more targeted illumination where needed most to complete tasks. They can highlight certain elements within the space, like art or shelving. By considering each type of light separately, you’ll be able to create the perfect balance between functional task lighting, artistic accenting, and mood-setting ambient lighting for a compelling, layered look!

An effective lighting design is like a beautiful painting. Your medium is bringing someone to an emotional state he or she would not achieve at that moment without your art. This does not and can not happen by accident.

Want to up your lighting game but don’t know how? We can customize a design for your space, design preferences, and your budget. We like working with FlexiFire regarding large renovations and purchasing Dim To Warm lighting from Lightology.

What is virtual interior design?

Virtual interior design is all about convenience and flexibility. If you have the confidence to manage your interior design project, but just need help creating the vision for your space – virtual design will be perfect for you. We provide a full design concept board, detailed shopping list, and scaled space plan for you to work from at your own pace. You also have the option to add on a rendering or virtual 360 walkthrough, so that you know exactly what the completed space will look and feel like when it all comes together. 

Your complete virtual design package should leave you with zero questions on what your design will look like, where to install, who to order from and quantities of each product. Should you need us after your project has been finalized we are available for additional phone support or to talk to your contractor or tradespeople. On average, you will have your completed design plan within just 3-4 weeks!

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