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We are so excited to reveal one of our recent projects, a primary bath design & remodel project that we recently wrapped up in Santa Cruz, CA! 

As a design/build firm, we are lucky to be able to help our clients totally reimagine and reinvent their homes. From structural changes to interior design upgrades – nothing is off limits. In this case, we took an outdated, somewhat small primary bathroom and made it feel modern, open, and bright. 

Take a look at the transformation below: 

Before Our Primary Bath Design & Remodel

When we arrived on the scene, this primary bath had 70’s written all over it. The client wanted to bring her primary bath into the current century and create an environment that felt curated specifically for her taste. 

On the build side, we promised to make the relatively-small bathroom feel more open and spacious, without sacrificing storage space. On the design side, we helped her define her style and bring it to life. 

We came up with a concept for a modern, feminine aesthetic, complete with pink tile (the client’s only MUST have). 

Check it out and see what you think! 

After Our Primary Bath Design & Remodel

Before and after, primary bath design & remodel


Hellooooo, gorgeous! Walking into the space now, you would never believe how it started. This primary bathroom feels current, without being too trendy. It feels feminine, without being too cutesy. And it feels spacious, without undergoing any major renovations to add square footage. 

Here are some of our favorite aspects of this primary bath design & remodel: 

Asymmetrical Vanity 

We took a unique approach to this bathroom vanity. Typically, you see primary bathrooms that are very symmetrical: 

  • Sink in the middle of the counter
  • A sconce on each side of the mirror
  • Predictable and formulaic 

But I didn’t want the client to have to sacrifice counter space in this relatively small bathroom! 

So, instead of following the norm, we created a cool, eclectic, asymmetrical vanity layout that maximizes the counter surface area. Using a single pendant light instead of sconces provides balance (and light, of course) and brings the whole thing together. 

Maximum function and style: That’s the Premier Remodel way!

Storage Solutions

One of the client’s biggest concerns at the start of the project was storage. We wanted to make sure she had space for everything she needed, including stylish accessories that would make the space pop! 

We designed custom storage solutions with both display shelves and enclosed cabinetry, and added a pony wall to designate a clear storage area in the space. I absolutely love how it turned out! 

Feminine Details

At the start of this project, I worked with the client to help her define what kind of interior design style she was naturally drawn to. We determined that she wanted a modern, feminine bathroom with pink tile. So that’s what we ran with! 

To keep things modern, we steered away from the typical florals and lace take on “femininity.” Instead, we opted for a pink palette that feels soft, sleek hardware that feels delicate, and zellige tiles that feel effortless. Laidback elegance is about as feminine as it gets! 


Primary Bath Design & Remodel: In Process 

primary bath design & remodel in progress


While I love the before and after transformation (and I do think it speaks for itself), it doesn’t tell the full story of why working with a design/build powerteam is the best choice for a design & remodel project. 

What sets Premier Remodel apart is that the entire project experience is seamless – you work with one team. Historically, interior designers and contractors have always been known to have communication errors, power struggles, and scheduling issues. Often, the client is the one that suffers when the relationship is turbulent. 

With Premier Remodel, all of the communication, scheduling, and project management is handled in-house. So you, as the client, have nothing to mediate, manage, or worry over! 


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