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Guest Bedroom Design

Think fast! The holidays are going to be here before you know it. Soon, your house guests will be booking their flights. 

The best way to make your friends and family feel welcome is to design an inviting, comfortable guest room where they can make themselves at home. So why not get started today?

Shop some of my absolute favorite guest room pieces below! 

5 Must Have Pieces For Every Guest Bedroom

In order to create the most inviting and comfortable atmosphere for your guests, every guest room should have at least these 5 items:

  • Quality Bedding/Throw Blanket: A successful guest bedroom design will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Nothing is more inviting and cozy than a beautiful, soft bed. I think that bedding is the place to splurge a little bit when it comes to your guest room!
  • Storage Piece: For many families, it simply isn’t realistic to have the guest room closet empty year round, and that’s ok! However, it is crucial to give your guests a dresser, armoire, or other storage solution so that they can unpack. It’s difficult to truly feel “at home” in someone else’s home when you’re living out of a suitcase.
  • Table Lamp: Every guest room must have at least one table lamp (or standing lamp) beside the bed. Remember, your guests aren’t used to this space. Having a light source that is easy to access from the bed will help them avoid the dreaded shin-to-bed-corner collision. Plus, they can read in the evenings and enjoy the cozy bed you worked so hard to design!
  • Mirror: Make sure to have a mirror in every guest room in your home. This will help your visitors feel comfortable knowing that they won’t need to “hog” to the bathroom every time they’d like to freshen up. Luckily, there are plenty of gorgeous mirrors out there that double as stylish decor!
  • Basket or Hamper: As a guest, it can be awkward to feel like you’re creating clutter in someone else’s home. Providing your visitors with a large basket or hamper will allow them to stash dirty laundry, shoes, or other belongings that they are hoping to stash out of sight.
Guest Bedroom Design

Shop The Collection: Soothing Guest Bedroom

What a shoppable mood board like the one Shown Above, but customized for your space, your design preferences, and your budget?

What is virtual interior design?

Virtual interior design is all about convenience and flexibility. If you have the confidence to manage your interior design project, but just need help creating the vision for your space – virtual design will be perfect for you. We provide a full design concept board, detailed shopping list, and scaled space plan for you to work from at your own pace. You also have the option to add on a rendering or virtual 360 walkthrough, so that you know exactly what the completed space will look and feel like when it all comes together. 

Your complete virtual design package should leave you with zero questions on what your design will look like, where to install, who to order from and quantities of each product. Should you need us after your project has been finalized we are available for additional phone support or to talk to your contractor or tradespeople. On average, you will have your completed design plan within just 3-4 weeks!

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