Shop The Look: Pretty In Pink Little Girl's Room

Pretty pink little girls room design

Pretty in pink! Isn’t this the most adorable design for a little girl’s bedroom? 

When designing for a young girl, I always recommend picking pieces that will grow up with her. 

Yes, this space is cute and charming. But, it is also feminine and elevated enough for a young lady. 

Bonus? Every piece shown here is available in my latest collection: Pretty In Pink, Little Girl’s Room 

Shop The Look: Pretty In Pink Little Girl's Room

What a shoppable mood board like the one Shown Above, but customized for your space, your design preferences, and your budget?

What is virtual interior design?

Virtual interior design is all about convenience and flexibility. If you have the confidence to manage your interior design project, but just need help creating the vision for your space – virtual design will be perfect for you. We provide a full design concept board, detailed shopping list, and scaled space plan for you to work from at your own pace. You also have the option to add on a rendering or virtual 360 walkthrough, so that you know exactly what the completed space will look and feel like when it all comes together. 

Your complete virtual design package should leave you with zero questions on what your design will look like, where to install, who to order from and quantities of each product. Should you need us after your project has been finalized we are available for additional phone support or to talk to your contractor or tradespeople. On average, you will have your completed design plan within just 3-4 weeks!

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